Fox Run Design

Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains near Charlottesville, Virginia, family owned Fox Run Design is dedicated to providing sensitively designed and individually handcrafted products in clay and wood for your pleasure.

Our appreciation of all creatures... horses, pets and wildlife are created in light and frolicking designs reflecting the joys our natural environment give us. Rich in tradition and heritage, our equine motif epitomizes the spirit and freedom nestled inside all of us.

"Imagine... and it can be done"

The art created in our studios are designer originals. Each of our artists have a style all their own and work in their respective mediums to create pottery, tiles, sculpture, graphic design and fine art.

Products in Clay- hand pressed clay tiles, hand glazed ceramic tiles, murals, jewelry, boxes

Fine Art- original designed fine art in wood and clay, custom designed wall murals 

Publishing- Books and stories inspired by everyday life, illustrations and graphic design services for writers. Photography, training manuals and promotional materials for businesses and schools.